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Beverley at Touches is not just a nail technician but an experienced holistic therapist understanding the health of the hands and feet and how essential they are to our quality of life, not just to look good, but feel good too.

Spa Manicures and Pedicures help to reduce hard skin and dry cuticle build up, incorporating massage to boost blood circulation, ease aches and pains in the tiny muscles and ligaments also easing arthritic joint pain, whilst specialised techniques help to remove painful corns, ingrown nails and other general ailments.

Catering for nail biters, nails damaged by medication, health issues or just hereditary weakness and using a variation of techniques, the long term aim is to protect the nails to pave the way for stronger, healthier nails so that you can have your own healthy nails not a continued quick fix, giving beautiful hands and feet you can be proud of. Acrylux flexible acrylic or Vitamin and mineral enriched gel is used to give strength to nail extensions if additional length is required, the gel protects and allows the natural UV rays to penetrate and feed the natural nail enhancing growth.

The wide range of CND Shellac 14 day wear strong, non chip, protective nail colours allow you to have your natural nails at the length that work best with your life demands, looking good all the time. With over 100 Shellac shades to choose from you will find one for most occasions, due to the nature of application and removal very little trauma or filing is required, keeping your nails continually healthy and strong.


Spa Manicure 45 min
Create beautiful hands with this treatment.
A relaxing hand spa, cuticles are treated, the nails trimmed, shaped and buffed to remove any ridges, a buff polish to bring out the natural healthy shine, perfectly finished with a gentle hand massage to ease aches, revive the skin and improve texture.
Standard polish £30 - Shellac 14 day wear £40

Spa Pedicure 45 min
This relaxing treatment helps to create beautiful healthy feet.
A relaxing foot spa, the nails trimmed,shaped and cuticles tidied, the skin is exfoliated removing dead skin cells and hard skin removed, a gentle foot massage to reduce tension and give your feet a wonderful light feeling.
Standard polish £30 - Shellac 14 day wear £40

Shellac 14 day Wear Colour 30 min
An instantly dry colour for hands or feet to give strength and protection to your nails giving you a minimum of 14 day chip free colour. Application and removal leaves no damage to the natural nail. Removal is included before fresh application
Hands £30 - Feet £30

Nail Extensions 60 min
For those requiring more length to their nails, a durable nail extension overlaid with Acrylux Flexible acrylic or Vitamin enriched Gel designed to last, nails tipped to extend length with either a natural clear, which are excellent for nail biters to help grow their own nails and quit the habit or French/white tip for that special occasion.
with Shellac 14 day wear £50

Nail Infill Maintenance
Keep your nail extensions looking as good as their first day. Shorten and tidy the tip length and fill the growth area to bring them back to their original state, includes one tip repair.
from £30

Individual Nail Repair
Repair a broken or damaged nail by using a nail tip or sculptured edge whilst the break grows off.

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