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Beverley at Touches, an Advanced Aromatherapist, has over 30 years of massage training and experience working within the sporting and therapy sector, she offers a wide range of massages.

Aromatherapy Swedish massage to release tension in the mind and body using essential oils and pressure points to balance and maintain the body's natural equilibrium releasing tense muscle groups and stiff joints.

Pregnancy massage to ease tightness in the lower back, neck and shoulders, releasing the tension in the ligaments for expectant mothers as the body makes room for the little one growing inside.

Sports massage for those requiring a deeper more intense muscular workout with joint mobility maintenance to enhance performance and prepare the body for ongoing activity whilst boosting the natural healing process.

Remedial massage for muscular injuries to assist the natural healing process, reduce pain from compression, sciatica, arthritic joints and general back, neck and shoulder complaints.

Massages are tailored to the individual, your first visit will include a physical consultation to assess the bodies requirements and to ensure the correct treatment is given for your needs, aftercare advice and self care maintenance instructions given where required.
(all the timings given are only a guide)


Heat Therapy Body Massage 80 min
A deeply relaxing head to toe massage with warm aroma oils helping to release tension, boost energy & bring back a natural balance. Warm stones or pads are used on key points to penetrate even more deeply into the muscles, activating pressure points helps to clear blocked chakras & awaken the Chi.

Full Body Massage 60 min
A gentle Aromatherapy all over body massage to relax the body & calm the mind using essential oils personally blended for your body's needs, aiding relaxation, reducing tension, soothing away muscular aches & pains, boostng circulation & strengthening the immune system whilst relieving mental stress.

De-Stress Back Massage 30 min
A deeply relaxing massage using aromatherapy oils & gentle massage techniques to reduce everyday stress & tension in the back, release stiffness in the neck & loosen the shoulders.

Mums to be Back Massage 30 min
Having a baby is an amazing time for Mum & Dad, but there are times when trying to keep in step with our busy lives takes it's toll. Using a specialised chair & gentle massage movements soothing the little bump & lightening the load on Mum-to-be, reducing tension in the lower back and hips, relaxing the neck & loosening the shoulders.

Injury/ Back Remedial Massage 45 min
A localised massage using accupressure and specialised massage techniques for specific injuries & persistent pain, improve mobility, reduces inflammation, releases natural pain killing agents & speeds recovery. Finished with TDP Deep heat treatment to enhance healing.
from £35

Remedial Sports Massage 60 min
A very firm, deep tissue & muscular massage treatment, not recommended for the novice. Specialised deep techniques give the body a full all-over workout whilst pressure points give the individual muscles a rapid boost of blood supply to remove blockages, enhance mobility & performance.


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