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In todays busy world with more auto-motives, pollution, air-conditioning, central heating and other atmospheric altering issues, plus long working hours alongside the hustle and bustle of everyday living and stress, our bodies battle with many minor conditions such as migraines, sinus complaints and eye strain. Lack of hydration and fresh air can cause our body to lack in fluids to keep itself free from the dirt, dust and debris that is in our air.

Indian head massage and Hopi ear candling can be great natural alternatives to boosting the sinus and lymphatic drainage systems, clearing the body and easing the mental tension that can be caused by blocked passages.

Reflexology can help to release blockages within the body, enhance the bloodflow, balance energies and ease the stress on the mind as it works away 24-7 keeping our bodies fully functional and healthy.

The colours we place around us also have a big impact on how we feel; damp, dreary days leave us grumpy and tired, whereas bright sunny days give us energy and vigour. Colour Therapy has been used in offices, factories and in advertising for many a century to change our attitude or behaviour. Fast food restaurants are a great example, Red to make you stop and Yellow to make you hurry up and move on. Finding the right colours within your home or your workplace can aid the use of the space whether it be to study, relax, sleep or increase your working output, can't relax or sleep, check out the colours around you.

Hypnotherapy does not just help with stop smoking or freeing you from phobias. Beverley also uses hypnotherapy to boost confidence which can make a big difference to your home, study and working life, the way we react to others dictates how they react to us. Hypnotherapy can help to change our reaction to the behaviour of those around us, then in turn change their behaviour.

Calm the mind and still the soul, If you believe you can do something, you will have a higher rate of success than if you believe you can't !


Indian Head Massage 30 min
A Specialised head massage, to invigorate, relax enhance the mind, increases circulation to give a healthier scalp, whilst easing eye strain mental tension. An excellent treatment for migraine, hayfever, tinnitus & sinusitis sufferers.

Hopi Ear Candle Therapy 45 min
Originating from the native American Indians of the Hopi tribe, the candles are an effective alternative way to cleanse, purify heal the ears, nose throat areas. Reduces built up earwax eases the airways. Facial massage helps to unblock sinus, enhance lymphatic drainage to reduce pain.

Reflexology Treatment 50 min
This intense Foot massage leaves the feet feeling amazingly light the mind calm. Using deep pressure points to unblock release the flow of ‘Chi’ this treatment helps to relieve pain, stress enhance the bodies natural healing process, whilst boosting the circulation increasing your energy levels.

Hypnotherapy 60 min
A state of deep relaxation that assists the mind helps individuals to take control of their own lives. Stop smoking, stress, weight loss, relaxation, panic attacks, phobias, bereavement trauma, regression many other conditions.

Single £35 Course of five £150

Colour Therapy 60 min
Colour has been used for thousands of years to increase physical energy, mental concentration, healing, increase mental output, relaxation stress related conditions. Our trained therapist chooses the colours with the most beneficial properties to assist you, then using colour light the body absorbs the energy of the appropriate colour whilst in a deeply relaxed state.

Single £35 Course of five £150


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