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Eyes & Make-up

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The eyes are the window of the soul, give your face structure and definition, here at Touches Beverley works with your natural shape to give a more defined look, keeping within the parameters of your individual facial structure and colour to enhance your eyes creating lift, shape and a more defined colour to the brow, whilst keeping the look natural.

Lash tinting opens your eyes, shows the full length and helps to define your natural shape, extending the life and quality of your eye lashes by reducing the daily amount of mascara required.

Modern Foundations using oils etc block the air and natural oils from circulating fully through the skin and reduce the penetration of UV rays, protection from the sun is a good thing, too much leaves the skin dull and pale. Airbrush foundation is a waterbased natural look foundation that gives a non slip base for your make-up and is excellent for a complete breathable cover to hide blemishes and uneven skin tone, excellent for those wanting a natural look and for those with sensitive skins, it will stay on all day giving a matt, non oily look for any occasion.


Eyebrow Tint
Brows tinted to give colour & definition

Eyelash Tint
Lashes Tinted to give a fuller more enhanced appearance

All Day Airbrush Foundation
Airbrushed skin friendly foundation matched to your skin tone to give a totally flawless effect providing a perfect base for make-up that lasts all day. Used by celebrities & on film sets.
Foundation only £10 With full face make-up £20


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