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Beverley at Touches is a highly qualified Aromatherapist and skin health specialist, using only products made with natural ingredients and without animal testing.

Products are made onsite in the Apothecary using age old recipes with natural ingredients; plant extracts and essential oils proven to be kind and gentle on the skin whilst giving the maximum desired effect. Promoting natural skin health is the aim with an understanding that your skin is individual to you so each treatment is tailor made for the individual. The skin is not only bombarded daily by atmospheric conditions, by what we eat and drink, but also the stress of everyday life plays a large factor in our skin health.

As our skin is not the same everywhere, areas are divided into seperate zones and analysed individually rather than treated as a whole, allowing the isolated treatment of areas requiring a different approach or product. Each treatment varies depending on the skin's requirements on that day, what your skin needs one day may not be the same on another day.

For those suffering with acne, eczema, dermatitis, sensitive, aging skin and many other skin conditions, advice on outside influences and diet is incorporated within the treatment.

Products used during your treatment can be purchased for home use.


Express Facial 40 min
The Express facial is designed to give your skin the general maintenance it needs to be the best it can be, a fabulous intermediate facial that cleanses and tones to soften and refresh tired skin.

Deep Cleansing Facial 60 min
A deep clean facial for all skin types, sonic brush cleansing and gentle steam to cleanse below the skins surface, complimented by a sotfty penetrating light mask treatment to remove dead/uneven skin cells refining the skins appearance, rebalancing and brightening the skin tone.

Anti-Ageing/Hydrating Facial 60 min
An anti–ageing facial for dry/mature skin types, using Mother Natures finest gifts alongside specialised hydrating agents to improve elasticity, plump, freshen, smooth the skin and allay the lines of time, leaving your skin feeling purified & nourished giving a fuller, brighter appearance.

Ultimate Prescription Facial 80 min
A prescription facial designed for your skins needs using natural products to give your skin the pure attention it craves with a specialised treatment to smooth and plump tired eyes. Perfectly complimented with a gentle scalp and neck massage to relax and ease tension.
Give your skin the treatment it needs whether you require deep cleansing, anti-aging or a rejuvenating natural healthy glow, with this Facial you get all three.

Micro-Current Face Lift 60 min
A specialised treatment using micro-current technology delivery tiny pulses to the skin's surface to regenerate muscle tone & encourage cell repair with instant results. Lifts facial contours, firms muscles, reduces puffiness & shadows whilst softening facial lines & wrinkles.

Facial Treatment 60 min Single £35 Course of 5 £140
Eye Treatment 30 min Single £20 Course of 10 £180

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