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Sunless Tanning

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Here at Touches it is not just about getting a TAN;
We have a wide range of sunbed users with a variety of reasons why.....

prepare the skin for that overseas holiday and reduce the onset of prickly heat, to add some colour for that special day or to prepare for the coming of the summer sun, to assist with skin issues such as acne or ezcema, to help give an energy boost and combat S.A.D, or to enhance mobility and pain from Arthritic joints, Fibromyalgia and other painful conditions that improve with heat.

Our 0.3 compliant top of the range tanning unit fitted with the latest and hottest tanning technology from the USA, a combination of Pink Rainbow and Blu Infinity twist tubes to give you the ultimate experience with a twist, enhancing the skins natural collagen production, giving a deep heat and faster tanning. Adhering to E.U regulations to give you the equivalent of the Mediterranean midday sun, providing a deeper longer lasting tan which is safer on the skin with reduced burn risk.

We will discuss your skin type and requirements whilst assisting you with choosing the correct usage and products to give you your desired results.

Vertical Sunbed Tanning

Single session
3 min
83p per min
10 session course
30 min
76p per min
20 session course
60 min
65p per min
40 session course
120 min
57p per min

Buy a Sunbed course and Save up to £32
(Please note all courses are valid for 6 months and are non transferable or refundable)

We sell a wide range of tanning creams to help you achieve a healthy golden glow. They contain special ingredients that hydrate your skin, prevent premature aging and stimulate melanin production giving you an amazing colour.

Due to sunbed laws, under 18’s not permitted to use sunbeds. Proof of age may be required.


Buy a tanning course

Body Piercing

Touches is registered with WLDC for piercing follow a strict code of practice.
We assist with the initial maintenance of your piercing homecare advice with
fortnight check up is included within the price.

Ear lobe Pair £15
Ear lobe single £10
Ear Rim £12
Nose piercing £15
Navel Piercing £23

(Jewellery is additionally priced)
Email: --------Find us on: www.facebook/Touchesbeauty
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